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Life can be tough. We may not be able to change the past, but we CAN change the way it affects our future.

There was so much more to the pain I was feeling but couldn’t process but Una helped me connect with the hurt I had never let go of from childhood.” 39 Years old. UK

Within my Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Coaching Practice I work with a broad range of presenting issues and draw on many different Therapeutic Techniques to help my clients identify and deal with whatever may be stopping them from feeling better and then becoming free to move forward with their lives in the way they truly want to. 

“Una has given me not only hope, but life long tools that I can apply to all different situations and problems I am faced with.” 23 Years old. UK

Whether the presenting issue may be a block, or including Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Confidence and Performance Blocks, Addiction, Historical Abuse, OCD, Sleep Problems, Sexual Problems, treatment is tailored to you, the individual and the way that you experience the world. I use a variety of powerful and incredibly effective techniques including bespoke Hypnotherapy, (Wordweaving), AMDR, (Applied EMDR), EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique, CBT, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Gestalt Therapy, NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and other. 

“I feel like Una gave me back my freedom to live the life I want to live without having the gambling addiction looming over me.” 32 Years old. UK

I work mainly on-line with clients so location is not an impediment, or can work face to face in Aston Clinton, Bucks.

“I now have my happy, do anything child back but also know that should we experience any further challenges, as my teenage son develops into a man, he has someone to help and coach him to be mentally strong so he can be the best he can be.“ Mother of 13 Year Old, UK

Not only is Una a very skilled therapist, she is calm and relaxed with a warm disposition. Her authenticity is genuine. She is a truly kind, caring and extremely able therapist“ 52 Year Old, UK


Practical therapy tailored to the real world

Within my Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching Practice, I use a variety of very powerful and incredibly effective techniques including bespoke Hypnotherapy, (Wordweaving) a variety of powerful and incredibly effective techniques including bespoke Hypnotherapy, (Wordweaving), AMDR, (Applied EMDR), EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique, CBT, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Gestalt Therapy, NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and other. 

I help you overcome your fears, anxiety, general blocks, self sabotaging habits or unhelpful internal dialogue, enabling you to regain your voice and ensure you feel you belong and are understood.

About Me

Find out more about me and why I’m so passionate about helping others find or rediscover their voice. 


I offer a number of options tailored to you, your unique life and history and the outcome you desire.  

Tambien podemos hablar en Español

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I found my sessions with Una incredible. I made so much progress from the very start. Having been in a place of deep sadness I reached out to Una after my husband and I had completed some couples counselling on the back of discovering his historic affair. There was so much more to the pain I was feeling but couldn’t process but Una helped me connect with the hurt I had never let go of from childhood. She was compassionate and empathetic and held me emotionally in a space that felt safe to revisit my past and give myself the love I needed to move forwards.

Female, 39, UK.

What Cognitive Hypnotherapy can do for you

Are you someone who is highly capable but find yourself in a position where you seem unable to move forward effectively? Perhaps you feel impotence or apathy, anger, or frustration at being stuck in a rut, pushed out, or maybe you feel like you don’t fit in and are struggling to find your place or purpose?

It could be that you’ve had a huge curveball thrown into your life and you’re not sure how you feel about it and or how to navigate your new reality. There may be feelings of confusion or anxiety brought on by a new situation, leading to a lack of confidence or clarity. Or perhaps you’ve been triggered into revisiting childhood experiences and are unsure how to move forward.

Life can be difficult at times, but my coaching and cognitive hypnotherapy services can help with what you are going through…




Sexual Problems

Self Talk

Sort Out



Much More...

As much as things may seem just too much sometimes. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you once again navigate your life with more ease, happiness, flow, comfort and clarity, empowering you to take on the world feeling light and free.

Do you want to feel worthy and worthwhile, confident, happy and fulfilled? You could be seeking the confidence to take on a new challenge, or help eliminating an old habit or a debilitating addiction. Together, we’ll work on taking charge of your destiny, giving you the confidence to cope with whatever life throws at you. 

I’ll help you feel deserving of your place in the world, where you feel peace and contentment wherever and with whomever you are.

A conversation won't cost you anything but it may just save you a lot.

Hi, I'm Una

People generally do not expect a therapist to be practical, however my approach is extremely down to earth, realistic and the results achievable. Some of what we do can sound a bit “woo woo” at times, and believe me, there was even a time I thought that myself, however there is logic to all we do together, even when it sounds like “just” a conversation.

I grew up in Spain and speak Spanish fluently. I also have a very good personal and professional understanding and deep respect for different cultures. Before training as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I worked International Senior Management. Part of my remit was looking after the Pastoral Care of the entire team worldwide. Helping people overcome obstacles has been my driver since I can remember.

No one should feel like they don’t have a voice. A conversation won’t cost you a thing and may just save you a lot! 

Find out more about me how my experience and approach has helped people like you.

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Feedback & Reviews

I’m delighted when clients  contact me to share their experience of us working together. Below you will find a small selection of feedback

Female, 26, Switzerland

My experience working with Una

When I decided to start my therapy journey I had contacted a few therapist and during my first call with Una I had a good (gut) feeling that she could help me, and I was right about that! I came to Una looking for help regarding problems in my relationship with my partner and jealousy. During the sessions I was surprised to learn that what I thought was me trying to keep control was actually giving away control, which was a big trigger for me. When I first started the therapy, I really didn’t believe that I would change and it took a few sessions and hard work to start seeing the progress but now I can see that I was able to change and have made amazing progress. 

During the sessions I felt comfortable telling Una things that I was uncomfortable in general such as ways I had behaved. I was able to be completely honest without feeling like I was judged. She would make sure to work on the hard topics in a gentle way which I really appreciated. It has been difficult but also rewarding journey working with Una and she made the experience as comfortable as therapy can be. 

She is a kind and caring person and I am happy that I have worked with her. Having someone who believed in me when I didn’t really helped me get to the place I am now. 

Male, 32, UK

Una changed my life and that is an understatement.

I remember the first time we spoke on the phone; I was at rock bottom (again) suffering massively with gambling addiction and hating everything about life. I had tried Gambling anonymous but never felt as if it was treating the cause.  After my first conversation with Una she had managed to make me feel incredibly motivated and at ease that everything would be ok. It was the first time in years I had felt a sense of purpose.

Its hard to put into words the affect the sessions I had with Una had on me, I went from gambling every penny I had and hating my life, myself and feeling like a useless sack of bones. To not gambling and not even contemplating gambling for 5months now, and becoming the person I want to be, I feel like Una gave me back my freedom to live the life I want to live without having the gambling addiction looming over me.

The tools Una gave me didn’t just help stop my gambling, but they re-programmed my entire outlook on life and how I react to stressful and overwhelming situations. I can only describe it as magic. I am now able to do the things in life I wanted to do. I see a future.

Without Una I don’t know where I would be.

Una truly changed my life and I can’t thank her enough.

Female, 23, UK

After suffering with health anxiety, generalised anxiety and OCD since around 8 years old, I found myself at 22 still repeating the same cycles. Struggle, get better, fall back into old patterns and repeat. Many years and various different types of therapy later, I had lost faith with the possibility of overcoming self made obstacles and living the life I wanted. In an attempt to ‘gain control’ when I felt like I had no control of the things around me, I became quite good at self sabotaging. 

Following one of my worst self sabotages yet, I desperately looked for the help I was yet to receive and then I found Una. Una instantly created a safe place with no judgement and planted a real seed of hope for me. 

We worked on a variety of different things but the biggest difference Una made to me was my quality of life. I was suffering with severe OCD, every single daily task felt like a days work and nothing was just simple anymore. Although at times I was very guarded and sceptical, Una was extremely patient and worked hard to find the things that worked for me! 

With constant guidance, encouragement and support from Una, for the first time in my life I was able to tackle one of my biggest struggles. I live a completely different life now, no longer ruled by OCD or time consuming routines. I live in a way that at one time felt impossible and I could never have imagined, I now live how I want to live. 

Una has given me not only hope, but life long tools that I can apply to all different situations and problems I am faced with. I can’t thank Una enough and I am so grateful that she does the work she does. As I find myself often saying to the people around me, everybody needs an Una. 

Female, 41, UK

For the past 4 years I’ve been struggling with anxiety and grief and no amount of counselling was getting me through it. 

I had a really rough pregnancy and was told my baby would never survive birth but thankfully she did, then tragedy struck again when my husband passed away just 4 weeks after our baby was born and of course covid and lockdown had to happen at the same time. 

I’ve tried everything to get myself out of a state where I thought I couldn’t go on another day when hypnotherapy was suggested to me, I done a google search and came across Una. 

My first meeting with Una was so calming and so welcoming I was instantly at ease with her. 

Una helped me rethink everything and retrain my thought process to not focus on all of negativity and trauma that had happen but to realise that even what you perceive to be your worst day there is always something to be grateful for. 

I have come so far with Una’s help and I can honestly say without her I would of had a breakdown but I can say with a new found confidence that I am finally looking forward to living my life to the fullest for myself and my child. 

Una is fantastic and I’m trying to think of new reasons to go back for more sessions with her but unfortunately she fixed me. 

Male, 19, UK

“As a nervous student coming up to his A-Levels, I didn’t have many things left to try to help me stay calm for my exams. My parents helped me find different solutions to combat this, and this is how we came across Cognitive Therapy. Right from our initial meeting, Una helped me feel comfortable, and helped me work through my anxieties. Come time for my A-Levels I felt better prepared mentally than ever before for an exam.”

Female, 68, UK

” I have now been working with Una for some months and can say that I have made such progress that I can see a future where I am riding without fear. Una tailors the sessions to what the individual needs and uses different methods to address the problems. There is always support and a listening ear available. I did find that there were things in my early life, which had a bearing on my current situation, but I hadn’t recognised the impact they were having. Una helped me revisit and resolve the issues and has provided me with the tools to support me in life and, in fact, to view life differently. 

I can highly recommend Una. Without her I would have given up riding my beloved horse. For me he is my friend and riding is my passion, so it means everything to have had Una help me in this journey.”


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Una Murga offers English or Spanish Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Buckinghamshire and Online Worldwide.

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