About Me


My firm belief is that every individual should be treated with humanity and respect no matter what.

When I announced my impending change in career from an extremely successful International Senior Management career towards Cognitive Hypnotherapy, one particular comment stuck in my mind: “you were born to do it… even as a teenager you had some magic knack to get to the crux of things”. What Cognitive Hypnotherapy gave me, was how to quickly, effectively and permanently reframe those “things” when I found that crux.

My life has included ups, downs, successes, failures, great joys, great pain, magical surprises and great disappointments. However, in the process I have learned not only about the world around me and the people in it, but also about myself and why I continuously kept bouncing back to the patterns of old. When I look back to the crippling self-doubt, the disconnection, the feelings of unworthiness, the insecurity and the deep loneliness that I often felt, despite what could look to the world to be a life full of confidence, individuality and success, I wonder how many other people are in the same position in which I once was and could really do with someone to help them make the long tortuous road much quicker, easier and happier.

I instinctively understand people and their individual uniqueness and want to play my part in helping them deal with the things that are holding them back. My attitude throughout my entire career, whether it be a technical issue, a logical issue, a procedural issue or a human issue, is that a wall is simply an obstacle. In my experience, if those involved really want to surpass the wall enough, there is always a way. It is the resilience to keep trying that sets people who succeed apart from others.

Hindsight would indeed be helpful; however, it would change who we are and that doesn’t appeal to me. What appeals to me is reframing the negative effects and beliefs that people carry around, so that they can live free and proud.

I’ve had quite a journey myself and it was that journey that eventually, following the big adjustments that motherhood brings, brought me to The Quest Institute and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I had reached the point of awareness, understanding and objectivity, forgiveness, and hindsight regarding my life and my patterns of behaviour, but I couldn’t seem to effectively change how I felt. Finally, not only was there was a system that could enable me to reframe the negative experiences and memories from my past in order to live free of their indictments, but I also found a  framework in which to do the type of work I truly thrive at. I have always been a fixer – both within a technical/operational remit at work, and also within the personnel/pastoral care arena. But I previously lacked the tools to really affect change in such a quick, logical, effective and long-lasting way.

As much as my life hasn’t followed the path I thought it would as a child, I would not change one day of my life as I am happy and proud of the me that I am today and excited about the me that I will continue growing into tomorrow. 


Daughter of a Spanish bohemian artist father and a British, supremely gifted, free spirited mother, I was born and brought up on a secluded valley in Southern Spain and home schooled until the age of nearly eleven, at which time my mother, three suitcases, three children and my guitar made the journey by bus to our new life in the UK. Much of my time in Spain was spent having adventures in the mountain or the river and tending to the animals. In social or cultural terms, I don’t remember a time when I felt that I truly fitted in. It was much only later in life that I realised that not being ‘normal’ is in fact a great gift.

Thus lateral thought and resilience were born extremely early. We were experience rich but cash poor so after coming to the UK I had all sorts of jobs since the age of twelve; restaurants, nightclubs, door to door, call centre, and the list goes on.

After University I worked my way up to Director of Operations for a B2B and B2C international organisation, responsible for teams around the world. This also included overall responsibility for the Pastoral Care of all staff worldwide. It was this area that really enthused me. I excelled when faced with finding a solution to an operational or software limitation that seemed impossible, but I was fed far far more when helping individuals grow and free themselves from their own limitations whether imposed by family, society, culture, gender or more often themselves.

Most of my time was spent working in and directly mentoring people from South Africa, Israel, Australia, Mauritius, Spain and various South American and European countries.

However, it wasn’t easy…

Whilst excelling and seemingly thriving, I also struggled a lot. When I look back at all the opportunities, personally and professionally that I wasted or sabotaged for myself I really do feel an urge to help others in the same or similar  position. I think that as a highly able, highly functioning and much respected professional, it is often very difficult to acknowledge the need for a helping hand.

Even when that need has been acknowledged, due to the fact so many individuals who are qualified to help have never had personal experience in Senior Management or in the Corporate World or even experience of Different Cultures, makes finding the “right person” extremely difficult.

Looking back, I only ever really trusted myself, however I see now that I could have really done with a “me of now” at so many stages just to get me focused along the way and avoid or better steer some of my many bumps. I am extremely lucky as I was forced to learn resilience very young so I have somehow always found a way; even with my “stuff”, I have kept on my tortuous road to get to the place I am today and although, like everybody else, I am work in progress, I am extremely proud of who I am.

But I’m sure I could have reached that place a lot sooner and with more ease had I had better tools along the way to help in getting my foundations solid.

I am sure that there must be so many others who are highly  functioning human beings and outwardly look poised, self-assured, confident, successful, but are actually crying inside. 


I am a member of QCHPA and the NHC and am bound by their Code of Ethics.

People skills are her strength, and I always admired her articulate way of expressing herself. She also has an innate ability to inspire people building on their strengths and instilling confidence. Pragmatic, intelligent, empathetic and goal driven, she has all the qualities of an excellent therapist. Without realising it, she has been practicing these skills her whole life!

A conversation won’t cost you anything and may just save you a lot!

QCH Evidence Based Therapy

Practical communication tailored to the real world

Using a blend of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching, I help people with their fears, anxiety, general blocks or unhelpful internal dialogue or who are struggling to get back their voice and feel that they belong and are understood.

Are you someone who is highly able but have found yourself in a position where you just seem unable to move forward effectively?

Or perhaps you feel impotence or apathy, anger, anxiety or frustration at being stuck in a rut, pushed out, or maybe you even feel like you don’t fit in any more or are struggling to find your place and your purpose.

It could be that you’ve had a huge curveball thrown into your life and you aren’t sure how you feel about it and or how to navigate your new reality. There may be feelings of guilt, of confusion, of anger, of anxiety. Maybe you’ve lost your confidence and those feelings don’t seem like they even make any sense and you need some help to clarify.

Perhaps you have been triggered into facing things that have happened in childhood and are unsure how to move forward.

You just want to once again navigate your life with more ease, happiness, flow, more comfort, more clarity.

Life is just difficult and you want to explore ways of making it feel easier.

But you overwhelmingly just want to feel empowered again, light, free and able to take on the world. You want to feel worthy and worthwhile, confident, happy and fulfilled.

You want to feel ready, excited and positive to take on the next challenge.

You miss feeling in charge of own destiny and able to cope with whatever life throws and deserving of your place in the world where you feel peace and contentment wherever and with whomever you are.

Lets work this out!

Hi, I’m Una,

People generally do not expect a therapist to be practical, however my approach is extremely down to earth, realistic and practical. Some of what we do can sound a bit woo woo at times, and believe me, there was even a time I thought that myself, however there is logic to all we do, even when it sounds like “just” a conversation.

Before training as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I worked International Senior Management. Part of my remit was looking after the Pastoral Care of the entire team worldwide. Helping people overcome obstacles has been my driver since I can remember.

I grew up in Spain and speak Spanish fluently. I also have a very good personal and professional understanding and deep respect for different cultures.

I have lived my entire life with the mantra that every problem has a solution and a wall is just an obstacle and to this day I would say that on the whole, this mantra holds true.

And I would say the same about therapy. A human being, and crucially our brains, are not made of stone. Our brains are constantly adapting, learning and evolving. With enough will and the right support, change is always possible regardless of what we have been through or are going through. Just like with software, we can reprogram our brains and we can train ourselves to adopt a new normal, which is free from old unwelcome behaviours and constraints.

Through our work, and obviously taking into account other important factors, I primarily help my clients deal with the emotional aspects interfering with their lives, be it professionally, personally, socially, or even with themselves.

Only once we stop being hijacked by our emotions and our anxieties we can relax, be happy, effectively communicate, grow, succeed and achieve the outcome we so desire.

No one should feel like they do not have a voice!