Where and how I work

I offer Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Coaching Globally on Zoom and from my home office in Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, HP22.

How we get started

As soon as I hear from you I will be in contact to arrange your free consultation call. This consultation will give us the opportunity to chat through where you are and where you wish to be, and establish that we are a good fit. Should you have any questions at all in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in contact or find out more about me.


The services that I offer will be totally tailored to you and your unique needs. Individual sessions last around 60 minutes and I can also offer longer sessions by request or support programmes. 

Individual sessions are charged as follows:


Individual Sessions



4 Sessions


            6 Sessions          

£95 per session



£340 (£85 per session)


£480 (£80 per session)




I have a number of clients each month to whom I am able to offer a concessionary price based on individual circumstances. Please do inquire.

Advance payment is required for all options chosen. If purchasing a package, this applies to the entire package.

 All between session support, bespoke MP3’s etc are free.

The first session is always used as an opportunity for me to take a detailed history surrounding the presenting issue in order to tailor treatment.



Communication Block SOS Breakthrough (dark)

Life Block
SOS Breakthrough

Longer Term Therapy, Coaching and Practical Support Program (dark)

Longer-term Therapy, Coaching
& Practical Support Program

Individual per Session Work or Follow on Work (dark)

Individual per Session Work
or Follow on Work

These services can help clients overcome a number of issues:

increase confidence

Increase Confidence

address anxiety

Minimise Anxiety

relieve stress

Relieve Stress

End Sexual Problems

End Sexual Problems

Control Self Talk

Control Self Talk

sort out insomnia

Sort Out Insomnia

lose weight

Lose Weight

Resolve Trauma

Resolve Trauma

Much More

And Much More...

A conversation won't cost you anything and may just save you a lot.

Feedback & Reviews

I’m delighted when clients  contact me to share their experience of us working together. Below you will find a small selection of feedback

L.B., Male, 48, Israel

“For a long time I was low and not feeling myself and I didn’t understand why. My wife is beautiful and smart and my children are amazing, but I was feeling tempted into a relationship with another girl. My job and the rest of my life was a mess. I still don’t what you did as it was a little bit like magic. I walked into our sessions feeling horrible, angry and sometimes sad, but you just talked with me and asked me strange questions making me feeling better, that life was easier and made more sense. My wife said you worked magic. We are so happy. She said she has her husband back and we are a family again. Everything it is better and we are so grateful to you. Thank you!”

M.S., Female, 37, UK

“I never thought that I would ever say this about a hypnotherapist but Una literally changed my life. I was in a very dark place before I found her. At the time, it felt like all we did was talk, but my whole life then started to change for the better. I realised I was attracting all the awful things and the terrible people that hurt me. As soon as Una helped me to change, I started attracting what I always wanted, but without even trying. Una just understood, didn’t judge and helped me so much. I can never thank her enough! She changed my perception about so many things.”

E.T., Female, 56, UK

“I looked for someone because I was in a rut. I was comfort eating so much that my confidence was very low. I started to not like myself. I had been seeing a counsellor for a year, but I just felt worse. I heard about Una from a friend so I asked her for help with food addiction. Una has a very persuasive, but also gentle and patient approach. She showed me why this was happening. She helped me understand why I was doing it and she supported me to change. I am truly thankful I found Una. She is a caring, kind, intelligent, understanding lady who takes the time to truly listen. She made me feel I was worthwhile. I think maybe the first person who has.”

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Una Murga offers English or Spanish Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Buckinghamshire and online.

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