Where I work

I work Online via Zoom with clients Worldwide, or from my home office in Aston Clinton, Bucks, HP22.


How we get started

As soon as I hear from you I will get in touch with some basic housekeeping questions and from there we can arrange your free consultation.

This consultation will give us the opportunity to got through where you are and where you wish to be, and establish that we are a good fit.

Should you have any questions at all in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



The services that I offer will be totally tailored to you and your unique needs.

Individual sessions last between 60 and 120 minutes.

I also offer longer support programmes.

In order to ensure the best possible result, individual sessions are bookable in blocks of three. 

Typically, I offer the following options:

 Communication Block SOS Breakthrough

Longer Term Therapy, Coaching and Practical Support Program

Individual per Session Work or Follow on Work

A conversation won’t cost you anything and may just save you a lot!

I do not know still what you did as it was little bit like magic . I walked into your office feeling horrible and angry and sometimes sad but then you just talked with me and asked me strange questions.

But when I left I always felt better and life was more easy and had more sense

The things to do and the books you give to me help me also to understand better and suddenly my life was my life again

But mostly you understand me and you help me fix my problems I did not even understand before

I tell you everything it is impossible and you always say yes it is possible . this time I am happy I am wrong ! :-)))

My wife she said you did magic . We so happy. She said she have her husband back and we a family again

Everything it is better and we always grateful to you

thank you !!

QCH Evidence Based Therapy

Practical communication tailored to the real world

Using a blend of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching, I help people with their fears, anxiety, general blocks or unhelpful internal dialogue or who are struggling to get back their voice and feel that they belong and are understood.

Are you someone who is highly able but have found yourself in a position where you just seem unable to move forward effectively?

Or perhaps you feel impotence or apathy, anger, anxiety or frustration at being stuck in a rut, pushed out, or maybe you even feel like you don’t fit in any more or are struggling to find your place and your purpose.

It could be that you’ve had a huge curveball thrown into your life and you aren’t sure how you feel about it and or how to navigate your new reality. There may be feelings of guilt, of confusion, of anger, of anxiety. Maybe you’ve lost your confidence and those feelings don’t seem like they even make any sense and you need some help to clarify.

Perhaps you have been triggered into facing things that have happened in childhood and are unsure how to move forward.

You just want to once again navigate your life with more ease, happiness, flow, more comfort, more clarity.

Life is just difficult and you want to explore ways of making it feel easier.

But you overwhelmingly just want to feel empowered again, light, free and able to take on the world. You want to feel worthy and worthwhile, confident, happy and fulfilled.

You want to feel ready, excited and positive to take on the next challenge.

You miss feeling in charge of own destiny and able to cope with whatever life throws and deserving of your place in the world where you feel peace and contentment wherever and with whomever you are.

Lets work this out!

Hi, I’m Una,

People generally do not expect a therapist to be practical, however my approach is extremely down to earth, realistic and practical. Some of what we do can sound a bit woo woo at times, and believe me, there was even a time I thought that myself, however there is logic to all we do, even when it sounds like “just” a conversation.

Before training as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I worked International Senior Management. Part of my remit was looking after the Pastoral Care of the entire team worldwide. Helping people overcome obstacles has been my driver since I can remember.

I grew up in Spain and speak Spanish fluently. I also have a very good personal and professional understanding and deep respect for different cultures.

I have lived my entire life with the mantra that every problem has a solution and a wall is just an obstacle and to this day I would say that on the whole, this mantra holds true.

And I would say the same about therapy. A human being, and crucially our brains, are not made of stone. Our brains are constantly adapting, learning and evolving. With enough will and the right support, change is always possible regardless of what we have been through or are going through. Just like with software, we can reprogram our brains and we can train ourselves to adopt a new normal, which is free from old unwelcome behaviours and constraints.

Through our work, and obviously taking into account other important factors, I primarily help my clients deal with the emotional aspects interfering with their lives, be it professionally, personally, socially, or even with themselves.

Only once we stop being hijacked by our emotions and our anxieties we can relax, be happy, effectively communicate, grow, succeed and achieve the outcome we so desire.

No one should feel like they do not have a voice!